In this series of photos, the Transformer figures representing the 3 main races ... more
Season 1 | 9303 views | by Sari Nashikim Binti Radin Iskandar
'Love' Story
This slideshow reminds us not to simply trust strangers in social networks.... more
Season 1 | 5003 views | by Nurul Amni Binti Abdul Rahsib
This Facebook page is a result of an interaction between the students in my clas... more
Season 1 | 3460 views | by Syahnizam Bin Abdullah Sani
Loudmouth in Library
Many people come to the library to find a quiet place to read or study. Therefor... more
Season 2 | 2580 views | by Kpteam
Berhati-hati Ketika Bermotosikal
Gambar ini menunjukkan seorang penunggang motosikal sedang membalas pesanan ring... more
Season 3 | 353 views | by Syazwani Binti Saad
Tidak Berergonomik
Pelajar yang di dalam gambar ini tidak mempraktikkan ergonomik apabila berada di... more
Season 3 | 293 views | by Mohammad Ridzuan Bin Abdullah
Meniru Semasa Peperiksaan Guna Teknologi
Gambar ini menunjukkan seorang pelajar menggunakan teknologi telefon canggih unt... more
Season 3 | 222 views | by Sgsenam00
Kelas VS Bersosial
Photo ini menunjukkan pelajar menggunakan Internet semasa kelas berlangsung.... more
Season 4 | 7 views | by Adam Bin Zulkifli
Think First Before You Share
Think wisely before sharing anything online. Safeguard your personal information... more
Season 4 | 5 views | by Eonterbaik
Cakna Cyber
Menekankan aspek kesedaran dalam penggunaan ICT dalam masyarakat Malaysia sepert... more
Season 4 | 5 views | by Asma' Binti Ahmad
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1 Citizen Physician
This is a story of a patient who has used the computer for very long periods of time in the wrong wa...

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Online chatter can land you in jail
29 April 2015 | Focusweek
  A custodial sentence is now mandatory, but a bigger blow to the concept of freedom of expression is the extension of the interpretation of sedition to cover all comments made online. This means that a user is not only responsible for his own comme... more
Virtual virus a real-world threat
02 May 2015 | The Star Online
There is no morality in cyber bullying
01 May 2015 | The Star Online
Faster, bigger and sharper
26 April 2015 | The Star Online
Prestariang gunning for more contracts
30 April 2015 | -
Teacher focus on teaching first
25 February 2014 | Putrajaya
Reduce teachers work
25 February 2014 | Putrajaya
New school assess will release on April to ease burden of teacher
25 February 2014 | Putrajaya
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Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity (MaGIC) Launch
26 April 2014 - 27 April 2014
MaGIC Cyberjaya
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14 December 2012 - 14 December 2012
Dewan Za’ba, Aras Tanah, Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi (KPT)
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07 December 2012 - 09 December 2012
HEP, Kolej Bunga Raya, Kolej Cempaka
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